Cool Reasons to Be Apart of a Team

Doesn't it sound much cooler to become apart of a group of people that already have what you want rather than wander around on your own trying to find the path to getting what you want in life?

Finding a group of people that share the same interests as you and some that have what you desire can increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Surrounding yourself around these people will increase your levels of belief and help you truly realize that they are no better than you are they just know more and have been acting upon it longer.

The Prosperity Team is a massive group full of like minded marketers that share proven tips and strategies that even the most techie challenged people can do. The vision of the team is to leave nobody behind and make sure you have your hands on all the proper training for building a business as effectively as possible while still living your life. 

See a little bit more about what the Prosperity Team has to offer.

Looks pretty snazzy, huh?

The Prosperity Team has produced more leaders than any other team in Empower Network with its easy to duplicate strategies that have been effectively proven to work time and time again.

If you like what you see here and would like to know more about joining the Prosperity Team, feel free to visit right here or shoot me a message on Facebook.

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Domain Forwarding With Godaddy

Knowing how to forward a domain can come in handy for affiliate marketers that want to redirect or hide affiliate links, or for those who want to give their site visitors a catchier or easy to remember site to visit.

Members of affiliate marketing programs like Empower Network can especially benefit from domain forwarding as the link is banned from most social media sites and even some others (mostly due to too many spammy affiliate links).

Forwarding a domain is a fairly simple process and can be done within a short period of time. The video will instruct how you can easily forward a domain name with Godaddy. Enjoy. :)

Pretty nifty, eh?

Now you can easily forward your domain names and give your links a little more of an eye candy appeal.

Before I forget, I wanted to include a discount link for a $1.99 domain name. It definitely beats paying $10.99 or however much they're charging for domains now. 

If this link for some reason stops working or ends up expiring, please feel free to leave me an email or comment and I will get you a working code.


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Craiglist Ad Creation Training 

Craiglist can be a lead machine if you are cool about the way you construct and post your ads. 

Text ads are fine but let's face it, image ads are better attention grabbers and entice people to click more.

You can create you own image ads for free using Powerpoint, as I will show more about in the video. If you don't feel like creating your own ads you can visit Fiverr and have someone make you one for $5.

Do you like using Craigslist for your own advertising?

Craigslist can be great for both free and paid marketing campaigns and how much you put into it depends on what you will get out.

Do you use free or paid advertising on Craigslist? I would love to hear from you. 

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Tour of the Blog Beast Platform

The launch of the Blog Beast blogging platform has been stiring up chaos all over the internet since the launch of the new app and video #1 of the action movie series on October 11, 2013.

This series of videos covers the contoversial topic of Empower Network being the most badass and revolutionary platform of it's caliber. 

In this video I give a tour of the blog beast platform and show why it is so powerful and beneficial to your business.

If you would like to learn more about the blog beast or see how you can take part of all the awesomeness, check this out.

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Believe in the Beast


The beast is finally here for anyone to get their hands on. Learn how you can unleash your inner beast by believing that anything is possible.


Beastmode is here. Will you be prepared?

Believe, Feel The Freedom, And Make History! Blog Beast Is Launching Friday :-)

 With the launch our new "Blog Beast" platform right around the corner, our company our leadership and our affiliates are more excited than ever to bring a game-changing product to the market place, jam-packed with the power of our community and our amazing people.

The time to step into your power is: NOWDo it. Unleash your inner BeastMode, and let's lock arms and change the world -- one person at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have supported this amazing launch, the tireless work our team has put in to make this all happen, and the support of our affiliates and leadership who are best in class and second to none! If you asked them though - they'd say "it's all worth is, because of the people's lives it impacts positively"... and they're right.

Join us. Let's rock this. The Blog Beast launches Friday October 18th, 2013!

-Dave Sharpe

"Co-Founder of Empower Network"

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-The EN Team


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